z3x Samsung Tool Pro v45.14

Samsung Tool Pro stands out as a better choice compared to regular Samsung tools. The latest Samsung Tool Pro v45.14 gives users more features and ways to customize their Samsung devices. It's especially useful for tasks like unlocking SIM cards, repairing firmware, and flashing new software on a range of Samsung phones and tablets.

This tool is powerful and simple to use, whether you're looking to unlock a Samsung Galaxy device or need a reliable GSM service tool, and it works smoothly with Windows 10. Plus, you can download Z3X Samsung Tool Pro easily to get started right away.

An Introduction to Samsung Tool Pro

This is a handy program that is available for free download for Windows computers. It works well with both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows, so you won't have to worry about it crashing or having problems when it runs. With this tool, you can do a lot with your Samsung mobile phone. You can update its software, unlock the SIM card so it can work with any network, and fix issues with the IMEI number, SN, or even the Bluetooth feature.

What's more, Z3X Tool can change how your phone's storage is set up, which helps you manage your phone's memory better. With its own Samsung Editor, you can switch the language on your phone to the one you like best.

Is it Safe to Use z3x Tool?

Some people worry if using z3x Tool is legal or will void their device's warranty. The answer is that it depends on how you use it. Flashing unauthorized firmware or making illegal modifications can get you in trouble.

However, if used properly for debugging, unlocking and repairing your own device, the tool is perfectly legal to use. Just don't try anything illegal with it!.

What's New in Samsung Tool Pro v45.14?

  • Added support for Android 12 and OneUI 4.0
  • Improved support for the latest Exynos chipsets
  • Better handling of newer Samsung models like S22, A53, A73, etc.
  • Faster flashing and memory reading/writing
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Updated interface with fixes for high-DPI displays
  • Automatic updates to keep the software up-to-date

Key Features of z3x Tool

This tool has quickly become a favorite among millions of Samsung smartphone users, thanks to its reliability and a small number of minor glitches. Here's a look at some of the handy features that make the z3x tool so well-liked.

  • Unlock Samsung smartphone without password/PIN/pattern
  • Reset FRP (Factory Reset Protection)
  • Remove Google accounts
  • Read and write firmware
  • Flash custom ROMs and kernels
  • Repair IMEI number
  • Reset device passwords
  • Completely wipe phone data
  • Bypass FRP lock after factory reset
  • Install official firmware downloads
  • Backup and restore data
  • Enable USB debugging
  • Repair baseband issues
  • Fix software bugs and crashes

Along with these features the typical offers, below are some of the important software features and this will provide more clarity on what the app is really capable of.


Updates software and mainly Writes restores and updates the firmware. The most frequent uses for these functions are to downgrade to older firmware versions or upgrade to new ones.

Read/Write EFS

The EFS partition is a special partition that is solely dedicated to a phone's information such as the radio signal, IMEI and a whole lot of other file types that surround the device's SIM card and other features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This is where things such as device MAC addresses of all radios that your phone uses in an encrypted format at the file system level storage.

Read/Write QCN

QCN means Qualcomm calibration network file. Basically, QCN is a built-in file type in Samsung devices.

Direct READ codes

This function is capable of reading the code that is stored in a device, Code reading is known to be a safe method of unlocking your phone.

Reboot download/recovery - Backup & Restore features.

In the case of a locked SIM specific to a certain unique carrier, this is the first step that is recommended to the users to follow.

FRP remove

For Removing the Google account integration from the device.

Read/Write CERT

In Samsung models, the serial number otherwise known as IMEI was protected by reading and writing digitally signed certificates. This was to prevent the opportunists from manipulating the original serial numbers without authorization. Often time this part is prone to damage or overwriting by outside tools and in the that occurs, having a backup of the piece would be very beneficial. Because it can restore what was lost without a hassle.

Repair(Root) and Unlock (Root)
Read/Write SEC

Contains fuse settings such as mainly bootloaders and OEM settings.

Unlock TMB (via server) for latest FW (Bit2) and KNOX1
unlock T-Mobile (TMB) devices
DIRECT Unlock SPR via Server

Support Specifications and Advantages

The Tool doesn't just come packed with powerful features; it also brings a range of advantages that highlight its effectiveness. Below are some standout benefits and support specifications that showcase what the tool can do.

  1. Choose your Samsung model from an alphabetical list or pick by platform with the help of Z3X Shell, making it easy to find what you need quickly.
  2. Get automatic suggestions for the right cable to use and step-by-step guides for each supported Samsung device.
  3. Enjoy hassle-free access to the support area through Z3X Shell, with smart card firmware being updatable directly from the web.
  4. Receive reports from the server with the latest news on versions and available services.
  5. Wide-ranging platform support, including Qualcomm, Exynos, Shannon, Infineon, Agere, Sysol, Swift, OMAP, and more, which means you can work with various Samsung phone and tablet models.
  6. Handy service features like battery calibration, LCD contrast adjustments, and RX TX for technical diagnostics.
  7. Look back through your operation history with an easy browsing feature, and enjoy compatibility with swap PCBs for hardware repairs.
  8. A multilanguage interface welcomes users from all over the world, making the tool accessible no matter where you're from.

Download z3x Samsung Tool Pro

For better clarity regarding the rough specifications of the application, below is a list of the specs of the latest tool version.

File size : 118.44 MB

MB Size on disk : 118.44 MB (or 57,909,732 B)

File name : SamsungToolPRO_45.14.exe

Software version : 45.14

Last modified : July 28, 2023

Virus/ malware test: The website filecroco.com, which provides the download for z3x Tool, has a good reputation for safety according to Google's Safe Browsing tool.

Operating system : Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Changes log

For better access, refer below to the tool version 45.14 changes log.

Improved Read Codes for: A245F, A245M, A245N; A3460, A346B, A346E, A346M, A346N; M536B, M536S.
Fixed: Patch CERT SM-A137F.

Initial Preparation and pre-requisites for Installation of the latest setup

Before all steps, it is quintessential for the user to back up their device data to an external storage device or a third-party cloud service. When flashing the device, it is most likely to format all data and erase everything in it therefore, it is recommended to back up all data.

A Windows PC or laptop is recommended for the process, along with a USB cable to connect the mobile device and the PC.

Turning off anti-virus software and Windows Defender as software protected antivirus software blocks the app because they detect they aren't available or app code suspicions. Must root the device in advance.

How to Install z3x Samsung Tool Pro v45.14 Setup

If you want to get started with Samsung Tool v45.14, here are the steps to download and set it up correctly:

Step 1: Go to our download page. Make sure to avoid any fake download links.

Step 2: Scroll down and download the latest version under the "Download Samsung Tool" heading.

Step 3: Choose the full Samsung tool v45.14 setup file, not just a patch update. The full setup is around 550 MB.

Step 4: Before installing, make sure to temporarily disable your anti-virus. Some AVs detect the tool as malicious.

Step 5: Once downloaded, install the software like any other Windows program. Follow the setup wizard.

Step 6: After installation, launch the tool. It may prompt you to update components. Allow it to update everything.

Step 7: Now connect your Samsung device via USB and you are ready to use the tool!

How Does Samsung Tool Unlock Phones?

One of the most common uses for z3x Samsung Tool is network unlocking. This allows you to use the phone on any SIM card, not just the original carrier SIM The process is quite simple:

Step 1: Connect your Samsung device via a USB cable and launch the tool.

Step 2: Go to the "Repair" tab and click on "IMEI."

Step 3: Enter the 15-digit IMEI number and click "Unlock."

Step 4: The software will automatically fetch the NCK unlock code.

Step 5: Click "Unlock SIM," and your phone will now be network unlocked!

The advantage of using this method vs an unlock code website is that you don't need to enter any codes manually. The tool does it all for you automatically.

Flashing Firmware on Samsung Mobile Devices

One of the most powerful features of z3x Samsung Tool is the ability to flash device firmware. This allows you to upgrade, downgrade, or reinstall stock Samsung software on your phone or tablet.

Here is a quick overview of the steps to flash firmware files on Samsung devices using this tool.

Step 1: Download the correct firmware file for your model from sammobile.com or other sources.

Step 2: Unzip the firmware file on your computer. It will be in .tar or .tar.md5 format usually.

Step 3: Turn off the device and boot it into Download Mode (press Vol Down + Power + Home).

Step 4: Connect the phone via USB and launch the Tool.

Step 5: Click on the "Download" tab and select "Manual Mode."

Step 6: Browse and select the firmware file you downloaded.

Step 7: Make sure re-partition is NOT checked, then click "Download."

Step 8: Wait for the flashing process to complete. The phone will reboot once finished.

And that's all there is to it! With this simple process, you can revive bricked Samsung devices or upgrade to the latest firmware versions without hassles.

Troubleshooting Guide

z3x Tool is generally very stable with few errors. But here are some common issues and how to fix them.

Drivers Not Installed - If the tool can't detect your device, you likely need to install the Samsung USB drivers. Get them from the tool folder

Antivirus Blocking - Disable your AV temporarily if it flags the program as malicious. z3x Tool is 100% safe when downloaded from official sources.

Stuck While Flashing - Don't unplug the device if stuck mid-flash. Wait 10-15 minutes and let the process complete to avoid bricking.

Can't Boot Into Download Mode - First charge phone to at least 30%. Then follow the key combo Vol Down + Power + Home buttons.

FRP Removal Not Working - This can happen on newer Android versions. Make sure you are using the latest z3x Tool version.

What is a Z3X Box?

Z3x Box is a tool used for software, unlocking, and repair jobs on Samsung smartphones. It is a service tool that allows users to flash, unlock, remove screen locks, repair IMEI, root, and perform other functions on Samsung smartphones. The box is available in different versions, including the Z3X SAMS Pro Dongle, Z3X Gold Pro Box, and Z3X Samsung Pro Dongle, among others.

The tool is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems. Additionally, it includes an Infinix MDM Reset function and some features that are device/OS specific. Z3x-Box also offers other tools, such as Z3X LG Tool and Z3X Pandora Tool, which allow users to unlock and gather information from several different brands of phones running Android.

About tool developer

The Tool is a creation of the Z3X team, a group of developers known for their high-quality products that are used by professionals and fellow developers around the globe. Since 2005, the Z3X team has been at the forefront of developing advanced solutions for customizing and repairing Samsung devices. They specialize in Samsung devices, one of the biggest brands in the world.

Thanks to the z3x Samsung Tool, a wide range of issues, from small tweaks to major fixes, can be handled with ease. It's a testament to the Z3X-team's expertise and their commitment to supporting the Samsung community.


In conclusion, Samsung Tool Pro is reliable and a user-friendly tool for Samsung devices. Developed by the expert Z3X-team, it's packed with features that cater to both simple and complex needs, from unlocking devices to flashing firmware.

While users might encounter minor snags, such as the need to disable antivirus software or run the tool as an administrator, these are quick fixes. Overall, z3x Tool is a solid choice for anyone looking to enhance their Samsung device's functionality with ease