Download Samsung Tool Pro

z3x Samsung Tool Pro is one of the most infamous tools in the market for recovery and customizing of Samsung devices. It has a great many numbers of features that cater to many of the users' needs. With this tool, you can basically unlock SIM locks and IMEI which is otherwise known as the serial number. New Samsung smartphone devices have better security measures implemented in them thus requiring meticulous methods to overcome this dilemma. Especially when it concerns flashing custom ROMs and installing recoveries.

This tool is capable of repairing the serial numbers if its some damaged or overwritten. Therefore the main purpose of this tool is very handy. It also helps to fix Bluetooth and wifi issues and it also lets the user backup data in the case of losing data to some unfortunate incident.

Download Samsung Tool Pro - Features

This handy tool offers many meticulous features when it comes to device customizing and some of them are,

  • Built-in step by step guide for every Samsung device model.
  • Configuration preference sorting and FRP unlocking.
  • Single-file flashing with high-speed flashing.
  • Capable of bypassing MSL and MSL2 security measures and able to repair IMEI.
  • Is capable of repairing frozen devices and can perform full factory resets after backing it up to the cloud.
  • Is capable of re-partitioning device file systems.
  • Flash device with a variety of firmware files.
  • Read and write NVM.
  • Restores function to bricked devices.
  • Reset device and SIM lock.
  • Read SIM lock status and
  • Is able to activate and deactivate user lock.
  • Search and replace feature provided in the Samsung editor; along with the feature to change the preferred language to suit the users from many countries

Download and Installation Prerequisites

Back up device data to an external storage system or third-party cloud storage services. A windows PC is recommended for the integration of the PC and the device. back up their device data to an external storage device or a third-party cloud service.

Turn off virus and windows defender and make sure the device is rooted beforehand.

Specifications of the Latest Samsung Tool Pro version

File size : 55.23MB

Disk size : 57,909,732 B

File name : SamsungToolPRO_34.11.exe

File version : 34.11V

Last modified : February 28th, 2019

Virus/ malware test: Virus-free

Operating system: Compatible for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7; along with 32-bit / 64-bit supported. No runtime issues reported so far.

How to Install Samsung Tool

Step 1 :Download the latest tool version from the sources provided above and when the extract to a file folder has been completed through WinRAR, go the folder where the tool is and open the .txt file and copy the password provided in it.

Step 2 :Move on to locating the loader.exe application and run the program as administrator. When the permission window comes up and asks for consent, select yes to all, select preferred language and click next.

Step 3 :Paste the previously copied password in the password box in the request window and continue on. It is important to note that the password is case sensitive therefore pasting is not recommended. Make sure not to change anything as it is case sensitive.

Step 4 :Again when three pop up windows appear for permission, select next to all options and proceed to install the rest. Be patient until the tool is fully installed then it'll be ready for use.


It is undoubtedly a neat tool for recovery and customizing of Samsung devices. The Samsung Tool Pro eases the tedious process of modifying the system through its many convenient and user-friendly features.